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Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

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Product Features
Optical Resolution (Distance-to-spot) is 12:1
Features include dual-laser targeting; auto-scan; max/min/avg/diff; high/low alarm; back-lit display; auto switch-off
Drop protection to 6.6' (2 m)
Measurement Range: -22° to 752°F (-30° to 400°C)
Uses one 9-volt battery, with battery life expectancy at 10 hours of continuous use with laser and back light on
Includes customised pouch and batteries
Adjustable emissivity
Certified to IEC EN 61326-1:2006, EN608251:1994+A2:2001+A1:2002
Soft-touch, over-mould housing
For ambient temperatures above freezing, the accuracy is +/- 4°F or +/- 2%. Accuracy below freezing is +/- 4°F, plus 0.2 degrees per degree below 32°F
Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer
Accurate targeting and temperature measurement
Special Features:
Several calculation modes to facilitate different temperature measurement applications
1 x 9V
+/- 4°F or +/- 2%; Accuracy below freezing is +/- 4°F, plus 0.2° per degree below 32°F
Digital back-lit
Response Time:
<0.25 s
Overall Length:
6-53/64'' (173.4 mm)
Overall Height:
4-17/32'' (115.1 mm)
Overall Width:
1-27/32'' (46.9 mm)
0.62 lb (0.28 kg)

Do not direct laser beam into eyes, as this can cause permanent eye damage.

Do not use the instrument if the case is damaged in any way.

Replace the battery as soon as the low-battery indicator appears.

Avoid using the instrument around strong electromagnetic fields.