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Laser Level with Bubble Vials, Magnetic


  • Level projects a crisp, horizontal laser line and spot parallel to the base
  • Three easy-to-read bubble vials - horizontal and cross vials at the 0-degree level, and a vertical vial at 90-degrees
  • Strong rare earth magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces
  • Crisp laser projects up to 75’ (22.9 m) indoors
  • Removable levelling stand has thumb screws for manual levelling on uneven surfaces
  • Large top-view vial windows for improved visibility
  • High-visibility orange cast aluminium body is easy to see on conduits and at jobsites
  • V-groove fits contours of pipe and conduits
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The Klein Tools Laser Line Bubble Level LBL100 projects a horizontal laser line and spot parallel to the base of the level up to 75’ (22.9 m). Three easy-to-read vials identify horizontal and cross at the 0-degree level and vertical at 90-degrees. The strong rare earth magnetic base of the level attaches to the included levelling stand and other ferromagnetic surfaces. The top features a V-groove to fit the contour of the pipe and conduit. Includes a levelling stand for manual levelling on uneven surfaces.

Laser and Bubble
Layout Applications Requiring Level and Plumb Checks
Special Features:
1/4-20 Threaded Hole for Tripod, Cross Bubble Vial, Levelling Base Included, Magnetic Mounting, V-groove
Cast Aluminium
3 x AAA
Laser Wavelength:
630 to 670nm
Laser Safety:
Class IIIa, 630 to 670 nm, Max Power <5mW
Number of Beams:
Indoor Range:
0 to 75' (0 to 23 m)
Maximum Distance:
75' (23 m)
Number of Vials:
Type of Vials:
0° Horizontal and Cross, 90° Vertical
Vials: 0.043°; Spot: +/-0.02'' (+/-0.5 mm) at 39.4'' (1 m) from Level
Magnet Type:
Neodymium (Rare Earth)
Ingress Protection:
IP54: Dust and Water Resistant
Levelling Stand, Batteries
Overall Length:
7.3'' (18.5 cm)
Overall Height:
1.84'' (4.7 cm)
Overall Width:
0.85'' (2.2 cm)
15.6 oz (442 g)
Additional Information
  • DANGER: LASER RADIATION, Class III laser. DO NOT direct the laser beam into eyes, DO NOT stare into the beam and DO NOT view directly with optical instruments, as this can cause severe and permanent eye damage.
  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Read instruction manual.