Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Pads


  • Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Pads contain a gel and foam padded pocket to maximize pressure distribution for all day comfort
  • Large knee pad surface provides stability and rounded edges provide agility when moving side to side
  • Hinged thigh strap keeps knee pads in place during use
  • Adjustable quick-fasten buckle plus hook and loop strap provides secure fit
  • Heavy duty stitching, hard plastic, and metal rivets for durability
  • Perfect for jobsites that require heavy duty protection for the knees
  • Sold in pairs
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Heavy Duty Hinged Knee Pads from Klein Tools provide a durable, comfortable knee pad solution for the most rugged and tough environments. The gel and foam padded pockets maximize pressure distribution for ultimate comfort. While the large, rounded knee pad surface offers stability and agility when moving side to side for the best on the job performance. Quick-fasten buckle and hook and loop strap on top hinge and bottom ensure a secure fit. Perfect for jobsites requiring all-day heavy duty knee protection.

Additional Information
  • Contains natural rubber (latex) which may cause allergic reactions.